The Global Chia Hackathon 2021, organized by Sirius Labs, has received over 360+ registrations across over 50 countries. After reviewing the 60+ submitted projects, we narrowed down the submissions and we invited 36 Finalists to present their projects in front of judges.

Our finalists come from countries scattered all across…

The Global Chia Hackathon is starting soon, and in addition to the $500,000 prize pool, there will be a special NFT airdrop for participating developers!

The motto of this Hackathon is: “Salute to developers!”

In the cryptocurrency world, stories of Satoshi Nakamoto, Vitalik, CZ, Gavin Wood, Bram Cohan and others…

$500,000 Total prize pool! Winning teams may win a final prize up to $100,000!

Sirius Labs 2021–2022 Hackathon season is coming.

This first Hackathon focuses on Chia Network, a star project in the POC field.

Goodbye Aluminum, Hello Cryptocurrency!
In central Texas, the once abandoned Alcoa aluminum smelter in Rockdale is…

Sirius Labs

A Venture Capital Investing In Blockchain IDEAS.

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