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We are happy to announce the launch of our domain The will be used to host our Hackathon’s. The official website will go live very soon.

The website design is inspired by the star Sirius, which represents a combination of wisdom and energy. Sirius Labs aims to bring together good ideas, give them support and make them come to life. Our goal is to help emerging blockchains grow from ideas to becoming legendary.

Sirius Hackathon will launch its first Global Hackathon with the theme “Create and Build_”. $500,000 total will be granted as winning prizes as well as incubation possibilities offered to great technical teams to co-build the POC ecosystem. This hackathon enables you to compete with global teams, show off your imagination and create new business models. The candidates will receive advice and connections from mentors/judges, who will fill gaps in skillset and help them reach heights that would be impossible alone.

The Sirius Hackathon official website is designed to help developers learn about the theme, schedule and rules of the Hackathon. Quick submissions are enabled, without any complicated registration processes.

In the future, Sirius Hackathon will launch Sirius Launchpad which is used to store the information of all the projects involved in Sirius Hackathon. Developers have always been the backbone of the blockchain industry. Sirius Launchpad intends to reach outstanding developers from all over the world and explore more possibilities to create and build.

Sirius Labs, together with Sirius Launchpad and Sirius Hacks, will keep on promoting the future of blockchain technology.

About Us

Sirius Labs is a blockchain incubator headquartered in Norway and founded in 2021. Sirius Labs seeks to help start-ups attain success by providing them with the necessary resources to help them transform their original ideas into exciting projects that are ready to be introduced to the entire world.
The Sirius Labs team comes from Norway, Singapore, China, France, Australia, Canada, etc.

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A Venture Capital Investing In Blockchain IDEAS.