Learn More About the Sponsors and Investment Firms Behind the Global Chia Hackathon!

In mid-August, the Global Chia Hackathon held by Sirius Labs officially opened for submissions. The Hackathon kicked off with a series of events, including Sirius Labs AMAs and a Chialisp Training Camp. A total of 300+ participants from 50+ countries have already registered.

Chia is a unique and innovative blockchain with one of the world’s most secure consensus mechanisms — PoST. Chialisp is a powerful and secure LISP-like language that is easy to audit and use. Chia also introduces an innovative and highly scalable Smart Coin model. Chia is known as a green cryptocurrency with lower energy consumption and a greater degree of decentralization. There are currently over 6 million+ Chia holders and over 600,000+ miner groups globally.

This article will help you to explore what kind of sponsors Sirius Labs is partnering with to host this awesome Hackathon. The sponsors include many well-known global investment institutions!

Cipholio Ventures

Cipholio is a team of professional investors and analysts focusing on blockchain and crypto projects. They have successively participated in the investment of blockchain projects such as Blockfolio, Chowbus, and Wootrade. Among them, Cipholio provided Wootrade with tens of millions of dollars of financing.

Amplio Capital

Amplio Capital has been involved in investing in the blockchain space since the end of 2019. At present, Amplio Capital has invested in more than 40 projects. They have a diversified portfolio and are experienced in investing in a wide array of fields within the blockchain space. The fields include DeFi, Polkadot, NFT assets, Layer2, distributed storage and other popular tracks.

GDA Capital

As the capital markets arm of the GDA Group of Companies, GDA Capital specializes in serving fin-tech, blockchain, and digital asset companies. The GDA Capital executive team has a world-leading track record of experience executing for Fortune 500 companies, governments, and venture projects still in the incubation stage.

WaterDrip Capital

Waterdrip Capital was founded in 2017 by the most forward-thinking Chinese blockchain pioneers. It is an international investment institution focusing on the blockchain industry. Waterdrip Capital has invested in various projects including Polkadot, Cosmos, Casper, and Filecoin.

AC Capital

AC Capital is an investment firm focusing on blockchain and fin-tech. AC Capital describes itself as a “community-driven” investment firm.

HOT Labs

Hot Labs is a blockchain innovation laboratory from HOTBIT. It is a multi-million dollar ecosystem foundation that is set up to focus on investing in Polkadot, DeFi, NFT and other projects with potential.

Akash Network

Akash Network is a decentralized and open-source cloud computing market and the DeCloud for DeFi. Akash Network leverages 85% of underutilized cloud capacity in 8.4 million global data centers, enabling anyone to buy and sell cloud computing.

Gate.io Labs

Gate.io Labs is a blockchain incubator under Gate.io. Gate.io Labs will provide seed funding during the early stages of a project so that the start-up team can entirely focus on the project itself, including project implementation, product development, and service upgrades. In addition, the incubation team will also provide all-round support and incentives to promote healthy and sustainable development of high-quality projects.

Several top tier investment institutions, funds and projects have partnered with Sirius Labs to participate in the Hackathon. The Global Chia Hackathon has also received strong support from Space Pool and Hpool. Furthermore, the well-known blockchain security firm Certik and the Blockchain Research Institute of Xiamen University in China are providing security and technical support.

The Global Chia Hackathon hosted by Sirius Labs is becoming a hot topic that has grabbed the attention of the Chia community. This Hackathon brings together different tracks and will allocate a prize pool of up to 500,000 US dollars to the winners.

The Global Chia Hackathon will close its submissions at 18:00 PDT on September 15th, and will conduct a concentrated roadshow in late September. At the same time, Sirius Labs welcomes more organizations to form partnerships and participate in the Global Chia Hackathon.

Sirius Labs has organized a community for global Chia developers and Chia enthusiasts so that they can discuss all things related to Chia. Furthermore, these communities serve as important hubs for Hackathon participants to ask technical questions or find teammates.

Hackathon Discord:

Chia Official Keybase: search #chialisp,and join the Channel)

Wechat(ASIA):add SiriusLabs and get invited to communication group

About Chia

Chia Network was founded by Bram Cohen, the creator of BitTorrent. It also includes executive leadership from Gene Hoffman, the former founder and CEO of eMusic and Vindicia, and also Misha Graboi as chief financial officer, who was formerly an internet equities analyst for Europe at Goldman Sachs and held various roles at Paamco Prisma, most recently as the CEO of Paamco Asia. Chia Network has recently added five key executive hires to support Chia’s growth and its broader adoption.

Chia, referred to as the green Bitcoin () alternative, is based on a proof-of-space-time consensus algorithm. Chialisp is a new programming language and “a fundamentally better way of building smart transactions than what’s been built in the past.” It is powerful, easy to audit, and secure.

Chia has landed a valuation of $500 million and plans to complete a fully compliant Securities and Exchange Commission or SEC-registered equity initial public offering on an accelerated schedule.

About Sirius Labs

Sirius Labs, headquartered in Norway, is a venture capital firm and focuses on early-stage investment and incubation in the arena of science and technology. The team members come from Norway, the United States, Singapore, China, France, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan and other regions.

Sirius Labs initiated the Sirius Hackathon in 2021, aimed to build a thriving community of blockchain developers worldwide and connect great ideas with investment institutions.

Learn more about the Hackathon:

Website: srs.vc

Twitter: twitter.com/SiriusLabs_vc

Discord: discord.gg/6aa3BBmxVc

Reddit: reddit.com/r/SiriusHacks

GitHub: github.com/SiriusHacks

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